​We care about you, we care for you...

Recovery Haven Kerry Cancer Support House are here to help, have a look at the

various support options below and see how we can best support you.

Drop in service

Drop in support and phone support


Mindfulness, Art Class, Jewellery, Pilates 

Counselling Services

Counselling, Art Therapy and Play Therapy provided.We also have a CLIMB Programme (Childrens Lives include Moments of Bravery) for children here at the house.It is to help Children deal with a cancer diagnosis of a family member. This Programme is Fun,Creative and is Free

One to one Therapies

Reiki, Reflexology, Indian head massage etc. provided

Support Groups

Mens, Women and Bereavement support groups provided

External Services

Bra and Prosthesis fitting and The wig clinic provided

Not found what you are looking for? Give us a call on 0667192122 or email reception@recoveryhavenkerry.com for more information 

CHY 18974

Patrons: Mr. Dick Spring & Dr. Edmond Harty